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What makes CHEMISERIE+ so unique is that you can buy, sell or trade your clothing for cash or store credit on the spot. The store’s everchanging inventory consists of your former favorites and a few new products. Earlier or later the shop will carry something exactly to your taste and you will be able to buy it at a very reasonable price. The clothes, accessories and shoes for men and women are hand picked at the counter and selected according to their quality, label, style and reselling value. As a buying customer you will encounter a preselected range of second hand clothing that are in good condition, suit current styles and are very reasonably priced - a service, that no other thrift store offers. The prices vary considerably depending on the product but the average prize for an item is CHF 18. Design labels tend to be a little pricier, but still far lower than in your common retail shop.

how it works

During our opening hours you can come by anytime. Your items will be selected and priced on the spot. Call before your visit to get a better idea of what we’re looking for. In order to sell or trade your items you need to bring an ID/ passport since the store credit can not be transferred. Currently we accept cash, CHEMIERIE+ coupons and most credit cards except Postcard.
CHEMISERIE+ is not a consignment store - the business is much easier and faster. The items we select will be bought for cash or trade on the spot. You will receive more value for your clothes if you choose to trade.
Concerning logistics we primarily buy seasonal items. You can increase your chances of selling by washing and ironing them beforehand.
Items we did not buy off you should be disposed of by yourselves.




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Samstag 11 - 6 pm

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