from head to toe for him and her

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"We´re closed during Fasnacht from February 19 til 21! HAVE FUN EXPORING THE ALLEYS OF BASEL!"


We´re after everything you are having problems parting with. Be it your former favorites you don´t fit into anymore or the last birthday present that isn´t quite your style. The better the condition and the more special it is, the better are your chances of selling. We are especially looking for sizes M & L !


Stores und Labels we like:

Acne, Cos, Cheap Monday, Drykorn, Maison Scotch, Our legacy, Opening Ceremony, Topshop, Urban Outfitters...


What we don´t want:

H&M, New Yorker, Tally Weijl, Pimkie, Primark...


We recommend calling before coming in - we´ll gladly give you advice on what's on and what isn't!

chemiserieplus / news

"From now on we´re open on Wednesdays!"

chemiserieplus / news

" It´s time to get out your fall & winter-favs! We are looking for cute, trendy and classic pieces, from top to bottom for him and her. [...] "

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"Please call before coming in to find out more about what we´re buying!"

Mon - Fri 2pm - 7pm

Sat 11am - 6pm





Klybeckstrasse 50

CH 4057 Basel

T. 076 746 17 86