from head to toe for him and her

2020 / Relaunche Website

We are currently working on our new website. Please call to find out what we're buying. We will be answering our phones during opening hours.

6.3.2020 / Preopening Store Zurich

We're overwhelmed about the warm and welcoming start we had in Zurich. Thanks to everyone for coming and making the event so unforgettable! We're looking forward to meeting many new customers and their closet cleanout.

Winter 2019 / buying season

We're preparing for chilly days and are looking to fill our racks with everything from sweaters, coats and heavy jackets to denim and solid and warm winter shoes. Cleaning out winter accessories like scarves and beanies? We’re buying those, too!

Fall 2019 / buying season

We are preparing for cooler days and looking to fill our racks with everything from sweaters, coats and lightweight jackets to denim and ankle boots. Also we're looking for fall accessories like scarves and beanies.


Remember, you can bring mens clothes from all seasons year-round!

Summer 2019 / buying season

Most of the time it's hot, which means we are predominantly buying summer clothes such as light tops, tshirts, band shirts, shorts, skirts etc. (Bikinis and bathing suits only new with the strip still attached).


We are still interested in mens clothes for all seasons!

Spring 2019 / buying season

Spring has finally arrived and so has the perfect time to sell your closet cleanout to Chemiserie Plus. We're currently buying women's spring clothes and men's clothes for all seasons.

15.02.19 / 3 year anniversary

On February 15 6pm we´d like to celebrate our 3rd anniversary and show appreciation for your loyalty!

Winter 2018 / Opening hours in December

We're open on Sunday December 16 & 23 from 1pm - 6pm!


From December 24 - January 1 we're on holiday and store is closed until January 2.

Winter 2018 / buying season

This winter we are after minimal sneakers, velvet wear, cosy wool sweaters, lumberjack shirts and lots more! Come by with your former favorites of the season and trade for store-credit or cash on the spot. Like always we're only buying the best of the season and one of-a kind vintage pieces!

Fall 2018 / buying season

Get ready for fall! Need boots, sneakers, sweaters, jackets or coats - we have it all! Plus be sure to clean out your past favorites to make room for more and even earn towards your purchase! See ya soon...


Summer 2018 / buying season

We're gearing up for the warmer days! We're in need for shorts, tees and more for men and women. Year-round staples such as denim, light pullover, shirts etc. are always on call. Don't forget - we're also buying shoes and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces!


raphi pn falchi / fotografie

Spring 2018 / buying season

Eventhough summer has checked in on us already, we're still on the look for your former spring pieces! Come by with your light pullovers, jackets, jeans jackets, high waste jeans, chucks, sneakers etc in mint condition. As always we're buying the best of every season!


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Advent season 2017 / New opening hours and mulled wine on Sundays

As of December we will be open every Wednesday 2pm - 7pm! Also come by for some mulled wine and the raffle for the unique x-mas pullovers on Sunday December 10 and 17 at 4pm.

fall 2017 / buying season

It´s time to get out your fall & winter-favs! We are looking for cute, trendy and classic pieces, from top to bottom for him and her. Come by or call for more information. As always we´re only buying the best of every season!

17.07.17 / % sale % sale % sale

SUMMER SALE! 50% off on selected items for her!

10.06.17 / Environment days Basel - Route Kleinbasel

No 6 of the route Kleinbasel "Alltag im Wandel" is ready for the Environment Days Basel. Doors already open at 10 am!

26.05.17 / Türen auf für PORT LAND!

Es ist noch nicht so lange her seit eine Gruppe hochmotivierter Betonskulpteure/ Skater im Basler Hafen ihre Baugrube aushuben und bis in die warmen Sommernächte hinein schufteten. Heute strahlt Basels Beton-Welle schon weit über die Landesgrenze hinaus und lässt vielen Skater/innen das Herz höher schlagen. Natürlich braucht ein richtiger DIY Skatepark auch entsprechende Accessoires. Für kurze Zeit und in kleiner Auflage sind diese bei uns erhältlich. Zur Feier des Anlasses laden wir am Freitag 26. Mai ab 18.00 Uhr zum ersten Tag der offenen Port Land-Tür ein!

01.04.17 / Reopening!

Come celebrate our reopening with us on Saturday April 1 at 4pm. If you have clothes to bring in, please bring them before the celebration!

10.12.16 / vernissage thirteen / 13.00 - 18.00

Vor nicht allzu langer Zeit kursierten die Karten von THIRTEEN in vielen Teilen der Stadt. Als Nachtschwärmer unterwegs konnte man sie auf den Klos zahlreicher Klubs entdecken oder morgens vor der Abfahrt auf der Windschutzscheibe als Start in den Tag mitnehmen - ihre Inhalte amüsierten und bereicherten den Alltag.

Es ist uns eine Ehre diese farbenfrohen und unbeschwerten Momente für kurze Zeit bei uns festhalten zu können und laden am Samstag 10. Dezember von 13.00 - 18.00 Uhr zur Vernissage bei uns ein.

12./13.08.16 / openair basel 2016 / ab 14.00

Am 12. und 13.8. sind wir mit einem Stand am Open Air Basel 2016.


Ab 14.00 bis 18.00: Freier Eintritt

Ab 19.00: Eintritt mit Festivalpass


*Ausnahmsweise KEINE Kleiderannahme!*

27.05.16 / Feierabend Ahoi / 19.00 - 22.00

Wir laden ein zum Auftakt ins nächste Wochenende. Es wäre uns eine Freude euch an Bord zu haben bei Chemiserie Plus!


*Kleiderannahme bis 18:30, anschliessend nur noch Verkauf*

15.04.16 / margarita night / 19.00 - 22.00

Auf ins Wochenende mit Margaritas und einem neuen Outfit. Wir freuen uns auf euren Besuch bei Chemiserie Plus!


*Kleiderannahme bis 18:30, anschliessend nur noch Verkauf*

18.03.16 / feierabendcüppli / 19.00 - 22.00

Wir laden ein zum Feierabendcüppli an der Drahtzugstrasse 24.


*Kleiderannahme bis 18:30, anschliessend nur noch Verkauf*

19.02.16 / Eröffnung / 19.00 - 22.00

Zur Feier der Eröffnung laden wir herzlich zum Apéro ab 19.00 ein.


ab 14.00 Ladenbetrieb | Kleider verkaufen, kaufen, tauschen

ab 19.00 Apéro | Special guest: Karin Portmann & Band


*Kleiderannahme bis 18:30, anschliessend nur noch Verkauf*




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